Friday, November 12, 2010

Theres A Break In The Clouds...I'm Going For It!!!!


There are lots of new things going on with SymbioticSisters Jewelry.  
The big news is that I'm now making and promoting my jewelry from a small apartment in Beaufort, NC.  Small by most standards, but lots of room compared to our 35 foot sailboat, Midwatch on which we've lived for 8 years.

Without further adieu,  here's what I have in my Etsy Shop for currently for sale

So, one day my friend Jorja said something like "you know, you might want to do your jewelry photos on black velvet"...and usually Jorja knows what she's talking about.  So, a large part of the today was spent doing photography (note the self portrait!)

 A sense of accomplishment as I turn the computer off...